Friday, June 17, 2005


Some Good Advice

That's good advice indeed, Lance! I can't help thinking each time you post how much your fridge looks like an eggshell.
Um, it's not a fridge, and now that you mention it the texture does look like an eggshell. it a file cabinet?
close but nope. guess again.
a few more guesses:

1. Is it an eggshell?
2. Did you paint your wall with magnetic paint? (Because I have some!)
3. Do you have a really white friend who is magnetic from swallowing a bunch of raw iron?
4. Is it a car? Wait...would that work? If it would...that'd be an awesome art experiment.
1. no
2. no, but rad!
3. no. you mean someone like your sister who can magnetize spoons at restaurants?
4. no, i think it would work though, i wonder if strangers would rearrange it like at coffee shops.

The file cabinet guess was closest, let me know if you give up :)
1. Didn't think so.
2. I know! I need to use it! The can weighs A TON!!
3. Somethin' like that...or like my other magnetic family members who stop watches and stuff.
Sooo cool. it a it some kind of document-holding office it a microwave...?

I NEVER GIVE UP!! But I sometimes cheat :) Ha ha.
a safe, no.

some kind of document-holding office furniture, yes.

microwave, no.
ed, lance.. yay, good for you for this site. poedry will one day be shown in the major art galleries of the world. i heard that the MOMA of New York( a hip and pretentious way of saying Metropolitan Museum of Art.. i think) is thinking of putting up an exhibition of poedry. how proud you must feel. be sure to save me a tshirt.


ill just sit here in the apartment. im already scared of preety girls, now this. i need some old-man underpants....

wow, justin
I went to MOMA in San Francisco, and I think it was short for the Modern Museum of Art there. If they did do a display, I think they would have to consult with us on it. I think I'd say something like,

"This piece needs to have its own space. It requires its own room, and the website will be displayed as a little tiny image in the floor, and the only way you could read or see it would be to crawl on your hands and knees to take peek."

Just to mess with them you know.

Actually, I got that idea from a display in San Francisco.
Yeah, and the t-shirts in the gift shop would look something like this.

And the walls will be painted with magnetic poetry paint so people can create their own works of art.

Ah. Someday.
ed, wow. i didn't know you had went on cafepress and started a freelance poedry line of clothing. hehe

do you get the money?

That is sooooooo saaweeet! Nice work! I'm totally going to order a ringer-t! Back when I did the palabradores, they didn't even have ringer-ts for guys, only girls.
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