Monday, June 13, 2005


Please Welcome KrystyKay

"rooted in dreams"...I like that! Is KrystyKay a new member now?? :]
well, a member of the blogosphere, not fp. -yet.
I think I'm becoming dyslexic. Yesterday I got a blind for a 64.5" X 64" window instead of a 46.5" X 46" window, and now I just noticed that I misordered "boot" and "a". It should have read, "she is truly a boot guru."

I hope it was just for a day.
"take her to fudge". is that some sort of ancient buddhist puzzle? maybe it means something like, "marry the girl and give her lots of money". who knows.

It means she loves chocolate. :)
I thought "boot a guru" was just "but a guru" with a really terrible Aussie accent.
What wells of emotion you two have conflicted in me! At first I was moved to 'mist' when I saw you took the time to compose a magnetic masterpiece-- for me???!!! But then I simply ripped a hearty laugh when I witnessed the diolague over the fridge art that this inspired. I cannot express how ingenius I find this concept. Even the brainchild behind blogging must have never dreamed one could take the ceiling off this phenomena in such a brilliant way. I am stunned. Inspired.
PS: Seriously, where's the fudge?
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