Friday, June 24, 2005


Code Freely

Hmm...I think I understand...and I like it!

Is it a desk?

nope. check out some of the older pictures for more hints.

hey, i just made some changes to the template. I saved the old one, so we can go back to it if we want to.
In regards to the template(and going back to the old one)...No way!!! That's awesome. I'm so glad you're clever!

In regards to the mystery magnet looks like it has some sort of vent or something. What kind of office furniture holds paper and has vents??? Hmm...Wait...did I say paper or documents? Hold on, I have to check.
Documents, I guess. I was thinking paper, but that could be computer files as well. it a computer/CPU?
Woot WOOT! Ha Ha. So, do I win my own shirt now?

No, but you win this.

The photo that is.
Ahhh. Now I can sleep at night. That's prize enough in itself.
Hey, I started playing with a fun thing for the comments. Don't have it quite perfect yet, and you don't see it unless you go to an individual post, but here's a link.

Right now it works a bit better in IE than firefox.

Oh and you may have noticed an abnormal rise in hits on statcounter. :)
Lance, you rule! I guess you read my mind too, because I was just noticing yesterday how ugly our comments looked--all red and running together. So, are you the mystery site frequenter?
Goodness sakes! What did you do, put out a TV commercial? Rent a billboard? Wear your Freelance T-shirt on the news?

Well, when you are modifying the template, and constantly refreshing the page it goes up quite a bit.

Next time, I think I'll comment out the statcounter code, while I'm messing with the template.

I usually downloat the template, and modify it on my computer until I'm happy with it, and then I publish it on blogger.

Just ordered a t-shirt, and sent you a $5 off coupon.
Thanks for the coupon! Hope that shirt turns out okay.

I was actually referring to all the foreign visitors we appear to be having. Can you see those stats too?
No, I can't see the stats on this blog. I think you have to go to statcounter, click the lock icon on the project, and add me "lancefisher" to it.

Yeah, it's weird, every now and then I get a slew of foreign visitors on I'm not sure why. It could be people clicking the next blog button, or it could be robots looking for email addresses to spam.
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